Who can benefit from our credit buyback offer?

Application for credit consolidation

It is because the budgetary situation of individuals differs from one French home to another that we offer a full range of exclusive loan redemption offers.

This is to cover a maximum of customer profiles by bringing their application for credit consolidation, complete satisfaction and this, by obtaining a buyout agreement with at least one of our preferred banking partners.

A new loan on the terms of Eddie Gourma best suited to the expectations of our customers, a solution that brings budget management a new impetus that will change their lives thanks to a credit repurchase offer that effectively and sustainably responds to the wallet.

Who are our customers? Exclusively individuals!

Who are our customers? Exclusively individuals!

We provide solutions to individuals with professional status of employee and retired, but also to individuals engaged in a profession (excluding company manager), or annuitant.

The client’s accommodation may be a rental or his property, but also a free accommodation or a professional housing.

In other words, everyone can justify the financial capacity to be able to meet the monthly charge of the deadline and, to respect the signed commitment of the credit agreement, to assume the good refunding of the repurchase of loans throughout the duration of depreciation, up to its balance, then can claim to have recourse to a regrouping of credits.

This is a real overhaul of its outstanding personal loan and its bank overdraft, also the remaining principal, the revolving credit (credit card and cash reserve) for which its monthly repayment is added to the previous charges cited.

Can be taken over the car credit that was intended for the purchase of a new car, replacing the previous one crashed to become out of service not long ago.

Possibility of the recovery of professional debts, provided that the borrower has ceased all non-salaried professional activity and is retired or employed: possibility to intervene on the repayment of professional debts concerning his previous activity, while ensuring that the liquidation of the old activity is perfectly closed.

For the liberal medical professions, there is a small specificity that consists of the recovery as a type of professional debt: professional loans with overdrafts of the bank account of the activity, but also late contributions (Urssaf and pension contributions) with a backlog of up to three years.

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