How to get a quick loan through the Internet | Request up to € 750 in 15 minutes

Any time of the year has its contingencies, or its planned expenses but which are not always easy to face. But in this one in which we find ourselves, with the disbursement that summer vacations entail, together with the needs of the return to school, the purchases of new clothes according to the change of season and closet renovation, … family budgets fade and they get complicated easily.

Having economic support is essential


For those moments of trouble, both scheduled and sudden, having economic support is essential, and increasingly easier thanks to the existence of companies such as Good Finance , a leader in the micro- loan market in Spain , which have as main advantage not only the rapid response but, more importantly, the simplification of the application and return processes. Money fast, easy and through the Internet, without the need to provide payroll or support long and efforts, and with all the confidence of an accredited company.

Request a microcredit of up to € 600

Request a microcredit of up to € 600

With Good Finance there are three ways to request a microcredit of up to € 600:

  • Via web As simple as selecting from our own website, in the header simulator, the amount of money requested and the return period, as well as personal data.
  • Via SMS By sending an SMS with the word LOAN to the phone 959 11 10 10 with the following information: DNI + AMOUNT + DEADLINE + eMAIL + NAME. Once sent, we will contact you to expand the information and complete the loan application
  • Via mobile app . An innovative and convenient way to apply for a loan at any time and from anywhere. Préstamo10 the app is available for smartphones with iOS and Android operating system.

Do you have any doubt?

Do you have any doubt?

Visit our frequently asked questions page or contact us. Already a customer? Thank you for your trust! Access your account through this link .

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