Ganofico – Loan Guarantee with Online Broker

Founded in 1968, Ganofico is a subsidiary and brand of the Laser Ganofico Group. It offers individuals a full range of financing and insurance solutions. Its famous Ganofico card allows its holders to pay their purchases to several brands.

By performing a consumer loan simulation to finance a personal project, the credit institution Ganofico offers you to take out a credit insurance to ensure your loved ones and your project in case of default with a ” Ganofico group insurance contract ” . You probably know it; Nowadays, with the Law you can freely select your loan insurance contract to lower the cost of your Ganofico consumer loan.

Compare the loan insurance rate

Compare the loan insurance rate

Select insurance to cover a Ganofico consumer credit with individual loan insurance.


CONSUMER BORROWING: ease of payment for individuals

Purchase motorcycle with a credit conso

Check all offers to protect a consumer loan according to its borrower profile with an individual guarantee that meets the expectations of the banker

  • extreme sport
  • health risk
  • risky profession

You can negotiate loan insurance with your credit institution to save on your home loan insurance? The broker allows you to calculate the rate of your loan insurance conso using its online loan insurance pricing tool to compare the contracts of major insurance companies.

Purchase motorcycle with a credit conso

Purchase motorcycle with a credit conso

The consumer loan is often perceived as an ideal solution for the purchase of a motorcycle. Thanks to this type of borrowing, these households can still consume, despite low incomes. The consumer loan also helps maintain the economy at a certain level and at the same time supports jobs.

  • Make a consumer credit quote

But despite these advantages, it must be emphasized that consumer loan interest rates are often high.

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